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CopScore is an online database and review site for Law Enforcement Officers

Each officer’s page may contain their training records, past police employment history, copies of any personnel records, police reports, citizen complaints or court records related to any alleged misconduct, and/or any news articles related to that officer. The site also allows verified users to submit 1 to 5 star reviews, photos and videos of their interactions with that officer. Officers who receive multiple compliments or complaints may have the information sent to their employer and their government leaders. The site contains a database of victims of lethal force, including mapping back to the original officer’s page, news articles and/or court documents related to the death.

CopScore is an online resource tool for:

  • Communities to stay informed, provide feedback, and connect with other community members;
  • Police departments to determine if an officer is reputable and should be hired or stay employed;
  • Researchers to track police use of force incidents and the victims of police lethal force;
  • Lawmakers to have access to statistics to help them make better policy decisions.

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